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Cemetery Clean-Up

To arrange an outing for your school, camp, or group, please contact Andrew Parver,

HFBA’s Director of Operations, at [email protected].

HFBA’s Cemetery Clean-Up Project was established to ensure that every grave at Silver Lake Cemetery and Mount Richmond Cemetery is properly maintained.  Volunteers rake leaves and clear debris in our cemeteries, so that every grave is maintained with respect.

The following groups have participated in the Cemetery Clean-Up Project (click the link for pictures).

For 2013-2014 School Year, pictures can be found on the HFBA Facebook Page.

2012-2013 School Year
2011-2012 School Year

The Frisch School Project

2010-2011 School Year
2009-2010 School Year
2008-2009 School Year
2007-2008 School Year
2006-2007 School Year
2005-2006 School Year

mr_goldwasserClick here for an article from SKA Happenings, the Newsletter of Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls.

At times, individual volunteers join a group at the cemetery to help clean.  On May 16, 2006, Mr. Jack Goldwasser (pictured right) joined us, sharing his outdoors expertise with us.

In conjunction with a separate project, where researchers are painstakingly going through old written records and surveying our cemeteries, we are identifying unmarked graves in anticipation of establishing a marker on every grave through Leave Your Mark.