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What We Do

When a Jewish person dies and has no family or friends to arrange for the funeral, or if the family cannot afford a funeral, we assure that the deceased is treated with respect demanded by our traditions. The deceased is buried in Mount Richmond Cemetery in Staten Island where our rabbi recites memorial prayers over the grave. Whether they die in a hospital, nursing home, or a lonely apartment, the New York area’s poorest Jews are not forgotten.

Here’s what we do to help those in need.

Burials and Pre-needs

We’ll make sure all arrangements for the deceased are made

Caring For Our Cemeteries

We care for and maintain our cemeteries

Yarzheit Reminders

Be informed of scheduled Yarzheit services

Kaddish Services

We help organized Kaddish Services for the deceased

Educational Programs

We’re available to speak at your agency or facility


We’ll help recover genealogy records of a loved one in our cemetery